In July 2018, my wife and I moved from San Francisco to Asheville, North Carolinia.  My wife, Barbara Roether, is a high school humanities teacher and curriculum developer, as well as a poet and novelist. Her first novel, This Earth You'll Come Back To, was published in 2015. Among her nonfiction books: Inside Tibetan Buddhism, written with Robert Thurman.

And then three children, my novels.

I was born in Los Angeles, grew up in New York City, and have lived in various cities around the country, including Charlottsville, Virginia; Omaha, and Miami, as well as in both France and Morocco.

Marina, 44 (MD, Brown; MPH, Yale), is married and has a daughter, Claire, pictured here, and a son, Finn. She is a family doctor in Asheville, NC., where she finished her residency in June 2016.


Served as USAF historian for an intelligence processing wing at Strategic Air Command, headquartered in Omaha, from 1971 to 1975. Wrote a Top Secret / Codeword quarterly account of the wing's technical activities. Photo interpreters in this wing found Soviet missile canisters in Cuba in 1962.

Dylan, 35 (BA, Bates College), formerly  Director, Talent & Media, at BleacherReport, a Time Warner-owned digital sports media network, started in San Francisco in 2007. He lives in Manhattan.

Dash, 26 (BA, UC Davis) , coaches  youth soccer teams in San Francisco and plays for  the Olympic Club  in the premier division of San Francisco Soccer Football league


Creighton University, 1975, MA, International Relations. Thesis: "Decision-Making Patterns in the Arab Middle East."

University of Virginia, 1971, BA, French Literature. Spent the last two and a half years studying with the renowned short story writer, Peter Taylor, and so came into the world of writing.

My father was a publicist, first for the Hearst Corporation then for film producer David Selznick. He would go on to become a producer himself, as well as an inventor and screenwriter, and a painter, although he had no belief in his ability and so did mostly copies of famous Impressionists.

My mother was a fashion model and photographer, and a professional tennis player. In fact, a renaissance woman forever prowling through the world. In the last 20 years of her life, she lived in the South of France and later in British Columbia, in spiritual retreats oriented to the teachings of a Bulgarian mystic named Omraan Mikhael Aivanhov.