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A magazine  journalist since 1978, but from 2001, as the profession was put up on the rack and overhauled for the digital age, I've wandered afield from time to time.... See resume on






Notable piece

"The Bittersweet Science"   Nautilus


Notable piece:

"The Faces in Othalie Graham's Mirror" San Francisco Classical Voice


Notable pieces:

"Why People Feel Like Victims" Nautilus

"I Am a Heroin User. I Do Not Have a Drug Problem" Nautilus


Notable pieces:

"The Last Water Fountain: The Struggle Against Systemic Racism in Classical Music" San Francisco Classical Voice

"The Unintended Beauty of Starlings " Nautilus - Issue 83: Intelligence ...



Notable pieces:

"We Need to Talk About Peat" Issue 78: Atmospheres - Nautilus

"The Legacy of Dr. Legato" San Francisco Classical Voice  (SF Press Club Award/feature)

"States of Denial" San Francisco Classical Voice (SF Press Club Award/Investigative Reporting)


Notable pieces:

“The Extremity of Love: Wu Han and David Finckels Chamber Music Odyssey." San Francisco  Classical Voice  (SF Press Club Award/Feature)

“In an Age of Ultra-Nationalism What Happens to Music” San Francisco Classical Voice (SF Press Club Award/Feature)

"Midori in the Zone"  San Francisco Classical Voice (SF Press Club Award/Feature)



Notable piece:

“Van Cliburn and the Cruelty of the Piano". San Francisco Classical Voice (SF Press Club Award/Feature)


Notable piece.

"The Artist of the Unbreakable Code"  Nautilus - Issue 6: Secret Codes ...

2002 - 2004. Public Information Officer for the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. (SFDA Terence Hallinan pictured above outside the Hall of Justice in San Francisco).

2004 - 2006. Lecturer at Al Akhawayan University, a small American-style university in Ifrane, Morocco . Not far from Fez.

2006 - 2010. Fulltime editorial consultant to a news aggregator and information marketplace, founded by Louis Borders. In Redwood Shores, California.

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