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* Features: profiles / investigative pieces / essays;

   (See venue covers)

* Blogging / ghosting;

* Fiction /


* Magazines, newspapers;

* Book editing / tuning;

* Research / fact-checking / proof / light design.

Internet Consultant:

* Editorial / Aggregation;

* Branding / messaging / QA

* Marketing

Public Information Officer:

* Spokesman;

* Write / ghost editorials, white papers, press releases;

* Website; social media.

Marketing consultant

* Advertorials/ edvertorials; storytelling

* copywriting / executive summaries; business plans; design

* in-house seminars.



I've written for some of the great magazines and newspapers in this country, and learned the craft of writing and reporting from among many others, jeffrey Klein, founder of West Magazine; Wayne Lawson, executive literary editor at Vanity Fair; Kevin Berger, former features editor at; and David Weir, co-founder of the Center for Investigative Reporting. Have also served as an editor, at every position.

Public Relations

As the journalism profession endures a period of transition, I have gone afield to related areas, including commercial writing and public relations. In 2002, I accepted an invitation to be the public information officer of the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. In effect, I served as the communications director for an office of 220 attorneys. It was a particularly raucous period in the city's history and I played the role of a bridge between the DA, Terence Hallinan, and the press.


Over the years I've written all kinds of advertorials and edvertorials, and created branding and messaging materials. I've prepared business plans, radio scripts, and I've done a fair amount of copywriting. More recently, I've been drawn into the art of 'organizational storytelling', and helping companies prepare automated dialogues.

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